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suumi paivaa!

This is the 'beta' version of 'Wiccalchemy', the LJ community for fans of the recently-completed webcomic Unicorn Jelly.

Things needed:

- better design. Anyone who can help me make this look more like the site (or just look niftier in general), lemme know.
- community userpic. Again, the only requirements are 'UJ-related' and 'nifty'.
- mood icons? This is only available with a paid account, and I'm poor, but if anyone really really wants to make and have UJ mood icons (little Unis and KayWais and whathaveyou, or just generalized Jellies), I ain't stoppin' ya.
- PEOPLE! Though I'd imagine this will be fixed in due time. ^^

And yes, I need to update the interests list and add clever comment tags and stuff. But I just wanted to slap somethin' up here just to get things started and then refine it as we go.

Conversation topics: Anything Goes. Be kind, LJ-cut posts for length and spoilers (for n00bs)... for those who don't know the cut, the simple version is < lj-cut > (without the spaces) to start the cut portion and < / lj-cut > (again, no spaces) to end the cut portion.

And I'd say more, but it's lateish and been a long day and coherency is fading... woo!

If you have any suggestions for anything, let me know in a reply to this here posty-thingy.

--your humble, yet scatterbrained maintainer, kateisozzy, known mostly to forumites as Dealan-de
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