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I just noticed this community so..

So... umm.. no posts in a while around here. Has everyone in this community, seen Jennifer's newest work? Pastel Defender Heliotrope? It has been truly wonderful so far, i've been tossing around some ideas to myself over it.

Pastel is in a hyper-spatial conduit ? Could this be an arcduct as outlined in Jennifer's Gorbald? And in her Tarot? Pastel seems to be a relatively stable universe. The Gorbald seems to state that an arcduct would be much more unstable. However her page from Enigmatic Ground, seems to state that they are heading towards something. And an arcduct does bridge two colliding universes.. Perhaps the universes are relatively similar ? This might account for the relative stability of the arcduct, since there would be less conflicting physical laws between the two universes.
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