Chimerasame (chime) wrote in wiccalchemy,

Unicorn Jelly then and now!

So hey I was looking over my friends list trying to prune out people who I wasn't appreciably friends with really (especially those ones with the green arrows of "they don't have you listed anyway, and you don't really read their entries, so why keep them!") and I noticed this community sitting here which I apparently joined a while back. But no posts have been made here since like 2004! So I thought I'd post and ask how everyone was doing.

I kind of have been thinking lately about re-reading UJ. I bought the books a while back, so maybe this time around I'll read them in book form--if only I can figure out where I have put them, since I've moved like four times since then and a lot of books have gotten shuffled around.

Has anyone had the experience of re-reading it a long time after the first time? Was it like you remembered? Does the experience change with your altered perspective from being older or what have you?
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