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a new post!

Hi folks.

This is nemo of UJ forums... if anyone watching this is regular there still, can someone post an apology for my absence?

I've been reorganising aspects of my life of late... this last 6 months in fact, and that's only accelerated since 2004 dawned.
As of... a little over 3 hours ago, I find myself without any regular job for the first time in the best part of a decade... and with no jobhunting skills to speak of... and generally feeling underqualified and lacking in confidence about all the things that everyone says I can do. Gah.

So anyways, now I'm unemployed maybe I'll actually get back on the UJ forums a bit more... but, I can't guarantee that. I've got more time, but the only internet access I have is crappy modem linkage, and I really need to focus on a way to earn money again...

To all the UF'ites, *hugs* I miss you all lots

.../Nemo. (In need of a hot date, a hot bath, and a hot job... in no particular order)
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